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Willow Park Sports Complex Fencing

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Project Summary

  • Objective: Replace existing fencing around baseball fields to enhance safety and aesthetics.
  • Description: The project involved the removal of aged and deteriorated fencing and the installation of new, state-of-the-art fencing solutions tailored to the needs of a busy sports complex.

Project Context

  • Need for Upgrade: The existing fencing was outdated and no longer met the safety standards required for a public sports facility.
  • Implementation: The old fence was systematically dismantled and environmentally disposed of, while the new installation was carried out with minimal disruption to the facility’s operations.


  • Logan City: Project sponsor and primary beneficiary.
  • Citizens of Logan: End users with a vested interest in safety and functionality.
  • Raymond Construction: Contracted for additional site preparations and support.

Project Challenges

  • Challenges: None reported, indicating effective planning and execution.

Project Results

  • Outcome: The project was completed on schedule, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • Impact: Significantly enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of the sports complex, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable environment for the community.
  • Client Feedback: Extremely positive, with commendations on the project’s efficiency and the quality of the new fencing.
Willow Park Sports Complex Gallery

Inside the Willow Park Project

Explore our gallery for a closer look at the Willow Park Sports Complex project. Each image captures the transformation from outdated fencing to modern, secure installations that enhance both safety and aesthetics.

Project information

  • Project Name : Willow Park Sports Complex Fencing
  • Project Location : 500 W 700 S, Logan, UT 84321
  • Project Cost : $169,700.00
  • Project Duration : December 13, 2023, to April 29, 2024