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North Logan Residential Garden Fence

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Project Image

Custom Cedar Fencing for Open Garden Aesthetics

This project was conceived to enclose part of a residential garden and define the back property line in North Logan, without fully separating from the neighboring yards. The homeowners desired a fencing solution that blended naturally with the garden’s aesthetics while ensuring longevity.

Project Summary

  • Materials Used: Horizontal Cedar and Black Postmasters
  • Technique: To enhance durability and maintain the natural beauty of the garden, we utilized horizontal cedar planks combined with galvanized steel Postmasters. This choice ensures the fence will resist rotting and weathering over time.

Project Context

The clients wanted a partial fence that would provide boundary definition and aesthetic appeal without completely closing off adjacent spaces.

Project Challenges

Challenges in this project were minimal, focusing mainly on achieving the perfect balance between openness and privacy, ensuring the fence integrated seamlessly with the existing garden landscape.

Project Results

  • Outcome: The completed fence met all client expectations, providing a visually appealing, durable boundary that complements the open, natural feel of the garden.
  • Client Feedback: The clients were thrilled with the outcome, praising the fence’s design which harmonizes functionality with the garden’s aesthetic.
Project Gallery

Visual Showcase of the North Logan Garden Fence

Discover the elegant integration of Horizontal Cedar Fencing with Black Postmasters in our project gallery. These images showcase the fence’s natural aesthetic and the seamless blend with the garden’s landscape, emphasizing both beauty and functionality.

Project information

  • Project Name : North Logan Residential Garden Fence
  • Project Location : North Logan, Utah