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2045 North Main St.
Logan, UT


About Us


History of Custom Fence

In 1960 Walter Cheal purchased chain link fence from Sears to fence off a canal in his backyard. After several purchases at Sears, they asked him if he would like to install fence for them. He was working evenings and early mornings at JC Penny. With his afternoons available, he said he would give it a try. Walter asked his son Lynn to help. That first summer they installed three or four jobs. The next year they installed more and began to purchase equipment to dig holes and mix cement.

Walter began advertising in the paper and soon had more jobs. He started buying material out of Ogden and parted ways with Sears. Lynn left his job and acquired a contractor’s license. This allowed them to purchase materials at wholesale prices in Salt Lake. With the lower price, they were able to be more competitive and the fence jobs began to roll in. Walter hired his grandsons to help with the installations. In 1971, Lynn bought a building in Smithfield, Utah with a small yard to stock materials for fencing. Custom Fence Company was now officially open for business.

By 1978, we started to install jobs out of town, doing a lot of work in Evanston, Wyoming. In 1986, property was purchased in Kaysville and we built an office and fence yard. This allowed us to compete in the fence industry from southern Idaho through the Wasatch front of Utah.

Today we are still serving southern Idaho and the Wasatch front. We have expanded our range of operation into Arizona, California, New Mexico, South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Our job capabilities range from the smallest residential to airport and prison security fences.